The VariView GUI

Operator User Interface

VariView is a graphical package perfectly suited to the display of management data for pipeline operators and the replication of SCADA style displays for training simulators. It seamlessly connects to the middleware application for display of data from any connecting application in a centralised manner.

It is a self contained, robust and intuitive package that promotes customer display build using recognisable tools in a versatile development and editing environment. VariView is not just a display tool promoting clarity and realism, it has been tailored to the pipeline management world and for complete interaction with VariSim

VariView has been developed with efficiency in mind using standardised processes, drag and drop functions and data access through common tree style data structures and drop down combo boxes. It is highly scaleable with no restrictions on its display capabilities and precise customised graphical views can be quickly created by novices and experts alike. It is extremely easy to use, no programming is needed and it can rapidly transform the display of data into a format specific to a users needs. Alarm and Event banners display all distributed data generated at any location on the system. This provides the operator with all the necessary and expected data for complete system monitoring and control.

Standard functions provide control of any components in the system which can be easily expanded with new concepts. Symbol libraries are available that are consistently being expanded and made available to SSL’s customers. With some straight forward training, you will need minimal support from SSL in the future.

VariView is a client based component written in the .NET environment, operating on the Windows operating system. User levels control the data displayed and the accessibility rights. No restriction is placed on the amount of I/O it can display or from where the data is sourced (VariSim, SCADA, Historian etc.). Install it as many times as required throughout the distributed environment.




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