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VariSim Training Courses

Regular VariSim Training Courses are availlable for users of the VariSim simulator. These courses are usually are held in SSL’s offices in the UK but can also be held anywhere worldwide on request. This course will train the attendee to become familiar with the VariSim product, its use and its application. It also touches on the expanded use of VariSim for Training Simulators and Pipeline Management.


Pipeline Management Training Courses

Targeted training courses are available that are specific to customers installations. These courses usually cover the pipeline management and business management applications, their configuration, their operation and their maintenance.


Training Courses for Pipeline Hydraulic Behaviour

Hydraulic Training courses are also available that are specific to pipeline behaviour. These courses cover general hydraulic theory, modelling principals, surge and hydraulic analysis. They are aimed at anyone wishing to understand more about the hydraulic behaviour of any pipeline for any fluid. The course helps operators understand the reaction of their system and helps engineers design and understand their pipelines and equipment behaviour. If you have a real time or offline simulator installed there is an obvious and significant benefit in being able to understand its behaviour and results. The courses use VariSim and Training simulators as part of the training process.

In addition, Hydraulic Analysis Limited offer a number of training courses on basic surge awareness through to advanced hydraulics training and the courses are normally adapted to the individual needs of a client.



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Engineer and Operator Training

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