The VariSim Simulator

Experience is Crucial

The VariSim Simulator is the result of 50 years of development, refinement and innovation. The resulting highly robust suite of applications and systems now help you simulate and manage every component of a pipeline system with complete confidence.

It is a professional, windows based, pipeline hydraulic simulator product that takes full advantage of today’s computing power and software advancements. It is based upon principals that have been developed, tested and verified within the Hydraulic Analysis Group within a rigorous research and development program. The result is an innovative, fast and reliable product that encapsulates the experience and knowledge within the group and provides the user with an easy to use simulation environment with easily accessible results.

Simulator Capability

VariSim has a very impressive capability which can be used for detailed steady state and transient hydraulic studies. As a PC based design and planning tool, it is ideal for studying the complexities of any single phase fluid behaviour in pipelines. VariSim has been designed to ensure that it accurately simulates any component of a system that can affect the fluid behaviour. This means, liquid or gas, small plant pipe work, long transmission lines, district heating networks, variable flow regimes, telemetry effects, suppression equipment, air valves, control logic etc. can all be simulated.

Flows, pressures, temperatures or any product information (including composition values in pipes receiving a mix of fluids) can be provided as point values at any location on a pipeline. All control scheme parameters can be accessed and assessed. Inventories of any pipe or zone can be reported in energy or mass terms and equipment operating characteristics can be monitored. Alarms can be generated if you operate outside of your maximum allowable and minimum allowable operating envelope and reports can be generated for post assessment.

VariSims import capability allows it to create its model from third party sources including other modelling packages and GIS databases. Care has been taken to ensure that VariSims output is easily accessible and easy to understand using industry familiar terminology. This capability and its unique ability to model variable wavepeeds and variable time steps make this product extremely competitive within in its market and we are sure that you will find VariSim commands a challenging position in its industry.

Expanding the VariSim Capability

One of VariSim’s major strengths is its ability to offer much more than just PC based simulation. VariSim can become an integral component within the VariSuite framework to create digital and virtual twin environments.

It is a straight forward step to turn VariSim into an online simulator that can be driven by recorded pipeline instrumentation data (flows, pressures, temperatures etc, equipment status etc.). This creates the digital twin to provide a complete picture of the actual pipeline, equipment or network behaviour. If it can be connected via a standard OPC connection to a data acquisition system such as SCADA, this complete picture can be provided in real time.

Pipeline Management Applications can be added that operate using output from a VariSim simulator connected to pipeline measurement. These Pipeline Management Applications which include leak detection, capacity management, product and batch tracking etc. provide commercial payback to pipeline operating companies in a matter of months.

Communicating with VariSim is refreshingly simple. When the mode of VariSim is changed from standalone to online or offline, it can communicate with the SSL messaging middleware. Communication with other applications is simply a case of allowing the application to communicate with VariSim via this middleware.

Graphical ConfigurationProfiling and Trending
GIS IntegrationDockable Windows
Data Import and ExportReporting Package
Create your own MacrosUser definable displays
Variable Wave speedThermal Simulation
Steady State AcceleratorVariable Product
Selectable equations of stateVariable timesteps
LiquidsGases and Steam
Fixed Pressure or Flow BoundaryFixed Pressure or Flow Boundary
Pressure Sensitive Flow BoundaryPressure Sensitive Flow Boundary
Pumps (Centrifugal and PD)Compressors
Heaters and BurnersHeaters and Heat Exchangers
Relief ValvesStandard Relief Valves
Non Return ValvesNon Return Valves
All Valve TypesAll Valve Types
Air ValvesTurbines
Overboard Dump Valves
Breakaway Couplings
Free Discharges and Tanks
Vapour Formation



Desk Top Studies


Pipeline Management Systems

    More Applications

Performance Studies

Batch and Capacity Management

Leak Detection



Engineer and Operator Training

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