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The VariSim Flow Assurance and Surge Analysis capability is a key strength of the product.

Desk Based Studies

The pipeline simulator is now widely accepted as a key requirement for any operating company that takes its responsibilities seriously. A good simulator helps maximise operational safety, protect the environment and improve the efficiency of operation. Today, safety  is being driven to the highest standards and leaks are being prevented through detailed flow assurance and surge analysis studies.

Engineers are conducting analyses to prevent daily operating problems with their pipeline networks and are proactively identifying potential disasters. Steps are being taken to suppress excessive operating pressures, heat distribution and energy usage is being monitored and equipment configuration is being optimised to reduce emissions. VariSim uses range from simple, steady state determination to simulating complex pressure events. Any operation that can affect the fluid reaction of a pipeline network can be accurately simulated and this includes the plant area.


There is no better way of maximising confidence in the overall system design than being able to simulate the complete interaction between the pipe work, the equipment and the control scheme. Pipework can be correctly sized and rated, control set-points and control parameters can be tuned, system bottlenecks can be identified, storage volumes can be assured and pressure suppression equipment can be correctly sized.


Changes in operation, changes in throughput requirements, deterioration in pipeline and equipment condition or poor initial design can all lead to daily operating problems. VariSim helps identify and solve the source of these problems. Initiation of the simulator with current operating conditions also reveals a wealth of unrealised information for assessment and further simulation. Planners can assess the effects of future maintenance; operators can quickly establish new procedures without compromising safety and daily nominations can be verified through forecasting and allocated with confidence.

Surge Analysis

VariSim has been designed to ensure that it accurately models any component of a system that can affect the fluid behaviour within a pipeline. This means small plant pipe work, long transmission lines, variable flow regimes, telemetry effects, surge suppression equipment, control logic etc. can all be accurately simulated. Care has been taken to ensure the VariSim output is easily accessible and easy to understand using industry familiar terminology. The ability to simulate variable product properties, variable wave-speeds and variable time steps makes VariSim one of the most accurate products on the market.





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