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Online Systems

Are you sure you are getting the best from your current online system or do you want to make sure that you install the correct system for your needs ?  Does your current system work ? SSL will work closely with you to analyse the system performance, identify any limiting factors and help you get the best from the results.


Leak Detection Systems

Do you have the correct instrument support ? Are you installing a leak detection system in the future and need advice on the instrument and telemetry ? Do you want to know what level of leak detection capability could be achieved ? SSL will help you ensure that you understand the limitations of any system and help you attain maximised capability.


Flow Assurance and Surge Analysis

Are you designing a pipeline or experiencing operational and throughput problems ? Are you concerned about excessive surge pressures or experiencing incorrect equipment operation ? Our sister company, Hydraulic Analysis Ltd. can help you understand and solve these issues using long established and unrivalled experience in this area. Studies of your system can be conducted and the results provided in report format, as graphical output or for you to replay using VariSim. You do not even need to purchase VariSim outright in order to replay your models within it ! Follow this link or contact us and we will put you in touch with the experts.


Pressure Testing

The on-site services department of Hydraulic Analysis Ltd. investigate oil, gas or water systems that are experiencing operational problems. Computer based rapid data acquisition software is used by experienced engineers to analyse and report upon unexpected equipment operation and to interpret the effects of unsteady pipe flow. Instrumentation is installed at multiple locations on the system and high performance loggers provided by Hydraulic Analysis limited record output that immediately identify operational issues. Follow this link to be redirected to Hydaulic Analysis’ site and learn more.





Flow Assurance
and Surge Analysis


Site Services

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Batch and Capacity Management

Leak Detection



Engineer and Operator Training

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