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Simulation Software Limited (SSL) supplies high performance software-based pipeline solutions to the water, oil, gas, district heating and power industries.

We are predominantly an engineering company with substantial industry experience, supported by a very strong software programming capability. This means that we don’t just deliver software, it means we fully understand your plant and pipelines’ fluid dynamic behaviour and in conjunction with Hydraulic Analysis Ltd. we can supply unrivaled offline and real-time business focused solutions for all aspects of a pipelines’ operation.

We are a dedicated part of the Hydraulic Analysis Group and a sister company to Hydraulic Analysis Limited.

Our pipeline simulator product (VariSim) has been developed over 50 years within the Hydraulic Analysis Group and has been utilised by Hydraulic Analysis Ltd. on over 10000 studies. The unrivaled experience and knowledge gained through our close links to Hydraulic Analysis Ltd. is encapsulated in the product.


VariSim simulates the transient hydraulic behaviour of pipelines within the oil, gas, water, heat and power industries.

VariSim has been developed over a 50 year period and is used worldwide. It is integral to all our solutions and with its plug-in applications, it provides the ultimate support for the Engineering, Operational and Training environments that are integral components to the businesses of all pipeline owners. As a desktop product it supports the design, planning and analysis of hydraulic and control system behaviour for safety, efficiency and damage avoidance.

VariSims’ real power is opened up through its ability to operate in a real time and a desktop environment. It can provide a pipeline operator with unprecedented tools that can substantially improve safety, operational flexibility and profitability all whilst ensuring compliance with environmental requirements. Click on the image to learn more.

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