VariSuite Components


One of VariSim's major strengths is its ability to offer much more than just PC based simulation. VariSim can become an integral component within the VariSuite framework which includes communications components and additional 'plug-in' applications.

VariSuite is the name given to VariSim and all the framework components and all framework installations have the messaging middleware at its core. This messaging middleware is a product provided by SSL that facilitates the rapid transfer of data between applications and third party packages (through an available API). It is a very robust, fully tested product that can reside on any networked workstation. For example, VariSim, the messaging middleware and VariView can reside on a single workstation to provide an integrated Training simulator environment or they can each reside on separate workstations to provide a distributed Training simulator environment.

VariSim and VariView are components of VariSuite. Other components include the plug-in host, the historian and the OPC Client.


Plug-ins are additional applications that use data provided by VariSim. They include applications such as leak detection, survival time, inventory totalisation, tracking functions etc. These applications do not have to reside within VariSim, they can be incorporated within a plug-in host that communicates with VariSim via the messaging middleware. This makes the environment highly flexible without any restriction on its scalability. Since all components can communicate as a distributed but combined set of components, any hardware or processing constraints can be simply solved with additional workstations.

The historian is a powerful database application specifically designed by SSL for the storage of any data. This specifically includes any data calculated by VariSim, the plug in applications and SCADA. No restrictions are placed on the historians storage capability and all data within it can be extracted for analysis using graphical tools or made available for replay facilities.

An OPC client is available that communicates directly with the messaging middleware. This is commonly used to communicate with third party applications such as SCADA systems and PLC’s. In fact, any third party application can be simply incorporated into the environment via the OPC connection or directly with the messaging middleware. Data cleansing tools that check, analyse and emulate data are an incorporated component to ensure valid data is continually used by the system.