The Hydraulic Analysis Group




The Hydraulic Analysis Group incorporates Simulation Software Limited and Hydraulic Analysis Ltd. The group is dedicated to supporting and serving the oil, gas and water industry with unrivalled consultancy services, high performance pipeline management software and pressure testing services.

The Hydraulic Analysis Group operate throughout the world and has its head office in Horsforth, Leeds, UK. In the United States, the company operates from its offices in Houston and in China, it operates from offices in Beijing.

A continuous programme of research and development is pursued by the group to ensure that the highest standards of engineering and advanced technology are maintained


Simulation Software Ltd are a dedicated part of the Hydraulic Analysis Group that focuses on the development and supply of modern high performance pipeline management software.

The company employs technical specialists and industry experts with a wealth of background experience in running, installing and developing advanced simulator and pipeline management applications. This ensures that every delivery performs to its maximum capability delivered by staff who really do know their industry.

We are a company who fully understands the application of its software. Our software is intuitive, user friendly and simple to use and we wont deliver our software and walk away. We continue to support you with our hydraulic specialists to ensure that you understand its results with a 100% confidence. As far as we know, no other company can provide you with this degree of service.


Hydraulic Analysis Limited is a specialist, wholly owned private limited company staffed by highly skilled engineers. Founded in 1969, the company has never changed ownership and has continued to provide hydraulic studies for clients in the oil, petrochemical and water industries throughout the United Kingdom and worldwide.

The company is the acknowledged world leader in the field of unsteady flow and dynamic simulation. Employed by all the major water, oil, gas and petrochemical organisations, it uses our unique mathematical modelling and simulation techniques to identify and solve transient hydraulic and process problems.

Services range from simple, low-cost surge analyses to onsite pressure testing services and detailed studies of pipelines, pumped networks and open channel flows. Operational and control problems are identified and proposed solutions verified.